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Its been two weeks I think that i have been totally off track neither food nor gym which sucks actually because of my finals and some personal problems… Today is my first day to be back to the gym and yo be honest I was so lazy and I didn’t want to workout I just wanted to finish ASAP and I have no idea why … Been thinking lately about changing my gym its fees is too much and am not getting a good coaching or anything back so still thinking about that actually i have found a new one but I don’t know if I would feel comfortable in it or not … lots of thinking going on but I will try to get back on track step by step again maybe I would start by going to the gym and start drinking water again like I used to and I would try to fix my eating problems cut down junk food and excess sugar and starch … I still have two more subjects in my finals … Hopefully its a new start to me 💪🏻

Its been a few days since i wrote anything but my life is not going well I get so bone pain and I don’t know why and I feel that am getting to hate my training which doesn’t make any sense to make because training is actually my life … I feel so down that I can’t move or keep going in my life and so stressed and I don’t know what is my second step or even what am going to do next ..!

Ok I did 20 minutes including leg swings and 5 minutes sprint each minutes separate (my coach order) .. Then I did shoulder and some abbs workout …. then some hand walk (begginer) … and I enden my workout by 12 minutes of jumping rope trying to learn some new techniques and its actually going well though 💪🏻💪🏻 …. super tired … I recieved today my finals scedule and its ugly 😭😭 … I reserved an appointment next week to see a new nutrition since my diet is not working really well on the scale and I don’t know what am doing wrong hopefully she get to tell me what …. I finished some assignments and am supposed to sleep in like 2 hours but i still have so much left 😭😭 … I was too hungry today like i have never beeb like that but am trying to control myself as much as i can … I did eat some things more that my calories for today but they are healthy things which makes me not really guilty … However i still face some problems with starbucks beverage I just love them too hard that i can’t stop but am trying to take them in the early morning though

Ok this week I wasn’t able to go to the gym daily cuz of my university stuff but I managed to go Sunday and today and i will go tomorrow and i would probably going to take a kickboxing class on Thursday i miss kickboxing its so relaxing … i started by cardio 40 minutes i tried my best since that am trying to get back on track then i did my chest workout and some few leg stuff not much …. Then i would have my meal boiled eggs then I would start studying …. my diet was not going well for the last week i tried but i keeps doings something wrong in my day but what i am strict to is not to eat after 6 Pm like would only take an apple if am so hungry then i would take my youghrt… wish me luck guys to stay on track on both dieting and gym and studying 💪🏻!

Today I decided to relax at home and not go to the gym its the third day without gym but am just tired … plus am still thinking if i could manage between studying for my finals and the gym … any opinions if i should continue training while studying or should I stop for this month?

Well today went well too until now … I did my cardio …healthy food …I did my scale today well I lost half kilo in one week pure fat actually … having some trouble with my water percentage its bad …my muscles are increasing which makes me worried actually because i need to see some number downs … well i am a little stressed from some university stuff … Sooo tired 😩😩 and I really hope that i would have the power to continue till the end especially having my finals really soon so too much stressed 😩